On a sunny day, gazing at the flower, 15-yr-old boy Genish was sketching while sitting at the stairs of a local nursery. Temptation of plants and flowers made him visit regularly. While he was sketching petals, he heard car buzzing through the doors and entered the nursery. Passing through the stairs, Genish stared at the windows figuring out the man under the car.

He was shocked to discover. It was NymPylor, a famous European painter whose paintings were sold at huge prices. More than a painter, the man was his ideal. He could not believe his eyes for a moment. When the car was parked, NymPylor stepped out without wasting much of his time. While picking the right plant with the gardener’s advice, Genish was struggling behind with the guards. Begging, arguing to let him meet once his ideal. Of sure, Pylor was noticing him; intrigued but not uttered any word; obsessed with his fans madness, he was used to it.

On every plant, he made his move, Genish followed him every single step arguing and begging with the guards. Pylor turned to him. He saw his childhood in the eyes of the boy when he noticed him with a drawing book and the set of pencils.

“Take him to the car”.

Pylor said to the guards, confused Genish did not questioned and moved towards the car immediately.

After a while, when he paid the bills; came towards the car, noticed the boy with the innocent face. He sat in front of the boy kneeling down.

“Hey. What’s your name?”

“I am Genish. Sir, I am delighted to meet you.”

“I guess you like sketching and drawing.”

“Yes sir. Can I have your autograph?”


Pylor took him into the car. Delighted, Genish can’t resist the temptation. Pylor autographed in his drawing book and turned the pages in order to see his drawing pieces.

“Sir, how do you make your paintings so mesmerising?”

Pylor smiled, such as hypnotised by the smile of the little boy as if conversing to his past.

“Do you want to go on a ride with me?”

Genish nodded irresistibly as the curve was fixed to his face for a moment. Pylor told his driver to lead to St. Carve Lake. On the way to the lake, Genish threw number of questions at Pylor.

“Why do but plants in every month end? How come do you visit a town so small?”

Pylor explained the; for the deal, he visited here. Now they’ve visited the lake with no one around. It was a lake on the peripheral of the town. How do Pylor come to know about the lake? Pylor ordered his guards to leave him and Genish alone and sat on the boundaries of the lake. Genish was silent unlike of his behaviour. Watching him, Pylor smiled a bit.

“Don’t you have questions with me?” still smiling.

“Sir, how do you make so mesmerising paintings? I heard on the news, you have habit of planting plants on every month end. Do you like gardening?” Genish recalled his previous behaviour and asked certainly and continuously.

“Do you want to listen a story?”

Genish nodded approving.

Once there was a boy with the heart filled of expressing his ideas through paintings. He was 20-yr-old. At this stage, he had achieved many things through his paintings. His paintings had great values. At the age of building future, he saw his future secured. He focused on his paintings relentlessly. Simultaneously, the values of his paintings were getting reduced; a time also came when he was rejected by auctioneers saying you are not worthy. The boy was depressed; unaware of what has happened to his paintings or is he had done anything to others? He ran from his home depressed; on reaching a peaceful lake, he stopped himself. While thinking how to overcome the situation, he saw an old gardener working on the plant – cutting old stems and leaves – filtering pesticides on plant and ultimately watering it.

“The plant is already on the boundaries of a lake!” yelling as if guiding the gardener. “It’ll grow itself!”

Gardener looked at the direction of the noise. He saw the boy; smiled. Working on the plant for a while, he came up to the boy and sat beside him. Gardener could see the fear in the eyes of the boy.

“What had happened?” Gardener asked undoubtedly and unfeared.

The boy ignored him but slowly he opened up himself; shared his tragedy as if he wanted someone to listen and give a shoulder to his misery. Gardener understood the root of his problems and smiled.

“Son, do you know why I was caring for the plant which is planted aside of the lake?”

Boy argued saying he was wasting his time working on that plant. However, the water of lake will ultimately come to the plant.

Gardener explained, watering is not enough for a plant to grow. Pests creeping – unhealthy leaves and stems need to vanish unless it makes other stems and leaves unhealthy. Pests creeping on the plant should be killed so that it does not make the whole plant unhealthy. Efforts need to be added after every period so that the plant remains healthy.

The boy was silently listening to him.

“You may be putting efforts on your paintings. Killing pests is similar to killing the limited imagination and vision of your mind. did you clean your plant? Did you visited and appreciated other painter’s piece? Understanding their ideas and occupying something new from them? You are the plant; make other painters your gardener; vanishing roasted ideas and gaining a new vision.” Gardener said.

The boy was still silent, gazing the lake with large opportunities in his eyes. Boy thanked and guaranteed him to visit him again. After a year or so, he regained his value in the world of art. Gardener’s words made him put efforts. He thought of visiting the lake and thanking the gardener. He visited the same lake but acknowledged that his indirect tutor was no more. He felt ache.

“The boy was me.” Pylor said.

Genish was shocked and turned his head towards Pylor; opening his eye as big.

“Since then, I decided to plant every month in memory of my tutor. I hope you got answers of all your questions” Pylor said; smiling at the boy.

Genish smiled back and nodded.

Pylor and Genish together planted beside the gardener’s plant. While planting, Pylor saw his childhood in Genish. Both, present and future shared a memorable journey together. Pylor dropped him to the same nursery. On the way back, Paylor remembered the gala time spent together and Genish continued to his sketching with a hand full of opened ideas.



On a bloomy winter day, birds were quirkling, the air of the country sung the realm of the Republic Day, 2030. A social activist and the president of the most influential ruling party of the country, AnshMemon, was said a prepare a speech for the day.

Memon hurried through the stairs and entered the car standing down stairs. Meanwhile, he reached the Rajpath, New Delhi. While watching pre-march arrangements, he thought to summarize his speech. Soon, he dipped his hands in his pocket and the hope was now distorted. His eyes were left wide open and found his pockets empty.

“Hey, did you gave me my speech letter?” Memon said to his secretary.

“Last night, sir”

And dropped the call.

The situation was getting critical. Route from Rajpath to his house took 45 mins to reach and the parade was to start. It was time to take a standing option. He headed to his position along with his colleagues and sat on his chair. Nothing, but he can only memorize his country development year by year. He sat thoughtfully, closed his eyes and no. of achievements unlocked the ideas of his imagination. He remembered 2014, when their party came to stand, initiated no. of programmes for a wealthy India.

“The journey of development took shape in the year 2015 when Prime Minister R K Munshir initiated Make in India campaign to promote Indian goods and consume less rate of imported goods. He travelled the world to promote tiger with mechanic wheels and invite numerous investments from the world. After a year or so, he initiated ‘Clean India Programme’. It was 2016 when a yellow coloured van travelled every corner of the city to pick garbage from every house singing the joys of the ‘Swachh Bharat’.

In 2016, where no. of small operations was taking shape. India’s most cruel aspect of the society “CORRUPTION” was seem to raise its fire. Munshir decided to demonetise such essential currency notes which were the main source of taking bribe from the citizens. He demonetised Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes to trace corrupts from the society. To retain in the society, corrupts dipped their black money in the garbage. Lakhs and crores of bribes were being picked up from the garbage and given punishments. It led to deprive economic growth. Soon, the country’s rate to dollar was deprived. But leading to another aspect of the development.

Soon, it was the time for the elections and the country again voted for the party of visions Mr. R K Munshir. Again, a dozen of hopes and visions entered the thoughts of the country.

Make in India was an investment campaign whereas, on the side of initiatives headed indirectly towards the development of the Indian economy. It was 2020, when public sector raised a ton of government vacancies in railway, foreign and investment sectors. People from town, districts and panchayats were qualified for the job and were hired. Govt ensured job security and after life pensions to the family of the employee. Watching immense growth in the public sector, banking sector opened its numerous outlets across the country and generated employment.

In the world of technology and industrialisation, people forgot to remember their natural existence. Plants, trees and gardens were hard to find. But the party too had the plans for the greeneries of the country. Munshir initiated another campaign “Green India” after the success of Clean India.

With the rise in the employment opportunities, industrialisation of the country was taking a new life. It showed the perceptions of future businesses. Main aim of these start-ups was to increase the wealth of the country. It produced no. of machineries that country was importing from the world and developed such services that were exported to world for the betterment. Technological improvements were seen in the air of India.

Year by year, country showed an immense growth in the overall sectors of the development. It is now 2030, when months back valuation of yearly GDP took place. From 2014 to 2030, the GDP rate was seen improved a lot by 15%. it reached 85% of the GDP and beheld China from 5% of the GDP growth. Now, India is growing ahead of all countries in the world and reached at peak where it is not going to look down again”.

“Now, we call our president, Mr. Ansh Memon to address.” Heard the voice from the stage.

Memon hurried to stage peacefully, grated the citizens and said few words. Meanwhile the claps were not ready to behold themselves as the words of the country’s growth were singing the realms of the development.

NOTE This story is purely fictitious. Any resemblance to any politician, party, religion or country is not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings or to distort anyone’s rights or beliefs.

Do you know these beliefs on Raksha Bandhan? 

​India is one of the most religious country of the universe. And August is the month where a dozens of festivals starts thereon in India. It starts with – Saavan Somvaar, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtmi, and ends with Bhai Doj. India has been a festive country for every season. And every festival has its myth, beliefs and several stories. One of them is Raksha Bandhan. Alike, many festivals, Raksha Bandhan has its story too. Not one, a number of stories. 

Raksha Bandhan is also known as Rakhi or Rakhi Purnima. Rakhi is an Indian occasion which celebrates the love and affection towards brother and sister. It is a thread ideology where a sister tie on the wrist of her brother symbolizing her love and vow to live long her brother.  On the other hand, brother also promises to shield her sister from any difficult situation.

Let’s move ahead to know why and how this festive started:

  • Indra Dev, King Bali and Goddess Laxmi. According to Bhagvat Purana and Vishnu Purana’s lines of beliefs, when Lord Vishnu defeated demon king Bali winning three worlds, Bali gracefully asked Lord Vishnu to live in his palace. Vishnu agreed but his wife, Goddess Laxmi did not like the palace so she went to King Bali, tied him Rakhi and made him her brother. King Bali also agreed her as his sister. When King Bali asked whats her wish. Goddess Laxmi consented and asked him to alter the palace and so did Bali accepted his sister’s wish.

Thereafter, according to Bhavishya Purana, when Indra Dev (the lord of rain and thunderstorms) was wagged in a war against demons. Indra’s wife, Sachi (the goddess of anger, wrath and jealous) consulted Lord Vishnu. Vishnu gave her a cotton thread and advised her to tie on his husband’s wrist which proved to be a success for Indra Dev. The thread which was after called a The Holy Thread.

  • Yam and Yamuna. According to another epic, Yam (the lord of death) has not visited his sister, Yamuna (the goddess of river Yamuna) for 12 years. And so was she upset and shared with Ganga (the goddess of river Ganga). Consenting, Ganga reminded Yam of his sister. As soon as Yam arrived her sister, she was overjoyed and wished him to return soon. 
  • Lord Ganesha. Lord Ganesha (the god of success start) has two sons, Shubh and Labh (the Holy Profit). On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, Ganesha’s sister visited him to tie Rakhi on his wrist. Watching Ganesha, his sons became upset that they have no sisters. Suddenly, Narad Muni (learned scholar and a classical musician, also a messenger of Gods) appeared and persuades Ganesha. Ganesha agreed and by means of the divine flames, created Santoshi Maa (goddess of satisfaction). Thereafter, Shubh and Labh now had Rakhies on their wrist too.
  • Lord Krishna and Draupati. In context to epic Mahabharat, when Krishna cut his finger and was bleeding profusely, Draupati saw him and immediately tore a part of her saree and wounded Krishna. Krishna said, ‘with this loving act, she wrapped him in debt and he would repay each “thread” when the time arrives’ and considered his friend. When the situation arrived, Draupati prayed for Krishna’s help and Krishna gave him unlimited cloth to protect her. Afterthen, Draupati tied rakhi to Lord Krishna.

Yet so many stories but one occasion to celebrate and that’s Raksha Bandhan. I remember buying Rakhies for my brothers too. Since, I and my elder sister is the only sisters of our seven brothers in our joint family. We used to prepare days or weeks before Raksha Bandhan. Shop all day long and visit local market in search of the prettiest Rakhi in the stores of our area. It was a local market where Rakhi section was put aside and a bunch of Rakhi stores with lots of variety. Varieties such as for kids and for elder brothers. 

It starts with a get together of brother, sisters and the whole family. All of them come in well-maintained dress and the threading process starts. It starts with >Tilak >Threading >Aarti >Prayer and food. At last (my favourite activity), brothers would gift their sisters. It would be clothes, cards or money. 

Apart from tieing Rakhi to brothers, another ritual is to threading to sister-in-law. It is believed that brother’s wife is the person responsible for his well-being. So, in order, sister ties Rakhi to sister-in-law wishing her well-being too. 

Summarising all of them, the beliefs, parables, preparations and the affection between brothers and sisters make this festival a grand success and celebration. An occasion when all brothers die to visit their sisters specially when this festival is formed for them actually. Also, I wish you all a very loving and Happy Rakshabandhan. 🙂 

 What will you swear this Independence Day?

​Today is Indian 70th Independence Day. The day when India became independent. Almost, all Indians celebrate independence day as a holiday. But it should be rather asked to the soldiers and policemen who worked day in and day out protecting their motherland providing security to their country. Are they also granted holiday? In fact, no! As usual, they proudly wear their khadi and spend this day too protecting their motherland. 

Our job these holidays is to enjoy or go to the school and lift up your hand and salute. Or more over, take a chocolate and a banana and leave. This is a story of a commoner. We don’t take any charges to protect our motherland. I don’t mean to say, go to the border and put up a gun. Rather, we can take much more initiatives and ways to protect our motherland. Don’t be a commoner at least this day. Be a contributor to the journey of the India’s success.

Let’s take a look at what the commoners such as us can contribute to India.

  • Plant at least one plant. This Independence Day plant at least one plant. These days, cutting of trees is at its peak. And so is becoming the cause of diminishing ozone layer. In fact, this should be done after every while. It’s a request to every Indian to plant whether he resides in India or a Non-Resident of India. Planting trees and plants is good for every region. 
  • Visit Orphanage and Old Age homes. Visit orphanges and old age homes with a plenty of clothes and daily necessities. This will make them comfortable and think they are not alone. Trust me, this will be best gift for them.
  • Holding a Bravery Event for policemen. Besides BSF and others, police are the one who keeps a check on every city or town. And in return, we can do a bit to uplift their confidence and make them feel special. It will be heart throbbing part of their life that they were invited by the common public to celebrate this special day with them. 
  • Switching to Eco-friendly methods. Actually, this point too should be done every day. I would be delighted to see every individual doing a method which is economically friendly. Of course, who will not be happy? For an example, instead of using a wooden pencil, try a mechanical pencil which use only graphite. It is a regretting point, that producing wooden pencil reduces 6.5% of forest worldwide. Alike, the example of wooden pencil, there are much eco-friendlier methods we can promote.

We can create much more opportunities than we think. It is not only the responsibility of inspectors and soldiers to protect their motherland. What we are at present, we should do our best to what we can. We are proud Indians and to do what we can do at least is our job. At last, Happy Independence Day to you all. 🙂 

The bravery of these women are worth commendable.! 

​Domestic violence, forced prostitutions, torturing to death are in rise! What if I say; a group of women holds stick and charge lathi (stick force) on the men who does this? 

Yes! This happened in India where a group of female activists formed a legal group to demolish torturing of men. It was started in 2007 in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, when Sampat Pal Devi faced domestic violence by his abusive husband. Since, many women like her joined. Despite having judicial system, women decided to punish men by themselves. 

“The justice system in Bundelkhand is dysfunctional and unreliable” says journalist and author of Pink Saree Revolution, Amana Fontanella Khan.

Women used to abuse men who force their decision on their wives. Moreover, they humiliate in public if they find them do so.

The Pink Saree Revolution came to force on 2007, and was named Gulabi Gang. (Gulabi refers to colour Pink). Gulabi Gang consist of 4,00,000 female activists as per the reports of Hindustan Times (2014). They also earned a title of ‘vigilant’.  

In 2007, a woman of lower caste was raped by the men of upper caste and the incident went unreported. Many villagers did strike and protested. But nothing worked and the villagers were prisoned for no offence. This is when Gulabi Gang protested and warned police to free villagers and report a case against rapist. When policemen refused to do so. Gulabi Gang dragged them to violence and physically abused them. Not only this. They also publicly shamed the offenders. Not only, giving rights of a women does, Gulabi Gang. They also saved thousands of girls from child marriage and providing them quality education. 

And this incident gave rise to women empowerment in Uttar Pradesh where there are 7,910 cases of kidnapping, 2,200 cases of dowry deaths, and 1,963 cases of rapes as per the records last year. They get help from Vitalect, a technology and services company that works with non-profit organizations to assist them with their technological needs, and Social Solution India (SSI), a non-profit company that promotes NGO stability.

Till then, Gulabi Gang hold their existence in Kelvinator 11th GR8. Women Award, an award offered by the Indian Television Academy. They also earned the Godfrey Phillips Bravery Award for social bravery, offered in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Delhi.

My motive to provide this information and discussing about this gang of Uttar Pradesh is not just up to the discussion. I want all women in India and abroad to be brave and not to tolerate any type of violence with you and if you see other woman, do help and support her and encourage her to take action. 

Be Gulabi so that no one can take advantage of you. 

Initiate to Bring smiles in millions of faces. 

​Everyone has their most memorable day once in a year and that’s is our birthday. Cake, balloons and ribbons – makes our birthday more interesting. Gifts, fun, family and friends – complete our day full of memories. It’s all because we have affordability. There are many unprivileged kids who do not have affordable sources to celebrate their birthday. Their birthday is as okay as their other 364 days.

A Social Networking group – “Happy Birthday Bharat” is an initiative to bring a smile to the face on these kids for their birthday at least. So that they could enjoy their birthday. A day full of enthusiasm. 

Avijit Bajpai, a marketing professional of Health Care, Delhi initiated Happy Birthday Bharat on June 2015. While he was travelling up to his office. On a footpath, he saw some kids playing with the birthday caps and a boy critically inspecting a birthday cake box. It was there he decided to do something for the kids. With the help of his friends – Nikhil Singh, Aruna P Khot, Premlata Rai, Animesh, and Akhil Singh and his wife – Sonam Bajpai, he did a bit of planning and celebrated birthdays of Ashila and Lala in Cannought Place, Delhi.

Soon, they started their groups in Twitter and Facebook and expressed their interest. After a while or so, Avijit got a lot of volunteers who expressed their views and participated in Happy Birthday Bharat. Avijit along with the members of HBB take out plenty of time out of their busy schedules to visit the nearby places to celebrate birthday of the kids on Weekends. Every volunteer gifts children that fulfil their necessity and of course with a cake. Apart from cutting a cake, HBB celebrates lot of activities including painting, dancing, singing and games.

It was started with Delhi. Soon, came to the highlights of the Country. Now, Wilson Pereira and Kunal Bauva of Mumbai are holding command of the Mumbai HBB. Since then, this has become a daily activity of the Weekends of Happy Birthday Bharat. Happy Birthday Bharat has lakhs of followers. In future, events like this are on its way to Surat, Kolkata, Chennai, Dehradun and many more.

26th of July, 2015 – Happy Birthday Bharat did a bit extra. They celebrated birthdays of children suffering from Cancer coordinating with “CanKids India” a NGO who takes care of these children in Kotla Mubarakhpur, Delhi.  

“I have been contracted by few companies who want to sponsor an event like this. A lot of people have also offered to send in their contributions. But I refused all of that. The idea is not the money you spend. The idea is to give these children a little time” says Avijit.

Actually, Dominos does not deliver millions of smiles. Happy Birthday Bharat does. 

If you are willing to join the revolution. Join the group – “The Indian Feed” on Facebook or follow on Twitter. All you need is to join and initiate in your city too.

Three things I learnt from colour Black.

It was noon when I along with my sister and brother were restoring old sand statues and masks which were decorated in our hall. I was a maniac who don’t know even a C of Creativity. However, my sister encouraged me and directed me of to get started.
It was a beautiful sand mask of a Durga (Indian goddess) which was hanged in our hall for over 1 yr. coloured in brown. Usually, seen in any Indian fare. We got started with the hair, then eyebrow and finally eyes. Since, I have never bothered about the colours and creativity. I was amazed with the colour black. I dipped the brush in the colour and started to wipe the hairs. The thing that amazed was though brown being a dark colour was overtaken by colour black. It may appear as a simple thing. But somehow, it laid me to link with the dreams of one’s life.
Our dreams are like colour black which overtakes all our obstacles. The same which happened with colour brown. It happened same while eye lining and colouring eyebrows.
Next, I learned was dark colours won over the light. Black colour is considered most dark colours among the other colours. It made me link to the thought that ‘Work unless you make an identity’. Here the colour black refers to the making of identity.
Make your identity irresistible and non – removable that even others cannot remove you from where you exist. Like, other colour cannot remove or hide colour black.
Third was, colour black hide other colours in just one stroke. Make yourself a powerful unit that achieve most or whole of at one stroke though it appears impossible. But why not to give it a try.
It was an unconscious thought that ran on my mind. In actual, colouring doesn’t made me a painter but helped me understand the aim of my life. At that moment, actually I was colouring my life!