#Indian Luxuries League

These days Indian Premiere League is at its peak. People are concerned with new teams rising these days. Not to be regretted, people enjoy this unique league as they give immense joy and pleasure to support their respective teams. On the other hand, there is a bitter truth about the league which the spectators are unaware of.

As we are aware of the fact that water is essential for human’s existence. The states such as, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Telangana, etc. are suffering from immense lack of water supplies. Some of the cities and districts of Maharashtra are getting water once in a couple of day. Ironically, water is supplied and wasted around 2,30,000 – 3,00,000 litres/week to maintain the ground and pitch of the stadium. Whereas, cities such as Shingnapur, Nagpur, Pune and Mumbai, etc. are not getting water adequately. An average human needs 3 – 4 litres/ day of water for their exigency and around 4 – 8 litres/day for their routine and people are getting 20-30 litres/2 days. On the contrary, people in districts of Maharashtra owe Water Supply Licenses to meet their water requirements when a government water tank arrives!

It’s a disgrace that humans need a license permit to own their part of water. Imagine a person without such a permit! A person who don’t have license should be apartheid to own water! This case is similar to those of a beggar. Doesn’t he have the right to live? Cricketers are playing in a priceless pitch worth a life! Does it like a luxury to them? Does water became only the supplement of riches?

Though it’s been a policy of the ruling government to own a license permit but which policy says that a particular amount of water is to be wasted maintaining the ground? The amount of water wasted in maintaining the ground is 42857/day according to average ground measurements. If it’s been half of it also, the ground would be appropriate. On the opposite, the half of the wasteful water would render a life to an affected human.

As a cause, government and Board of Cricket Council of India (BCCI) should regulate its policies in regard of their state so that their people don’t get affected.   


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