Since childhood, we have been taught- Beta, do what your brain orders. Ever since, everyone has cross-armed with the situation prevailing and most of the time we have been in dilemma making choice between our heart and our brain. Anyway, can you put your hands on your heart and say – the thing which we did till today neglecting our heart, gave you full satisfaction? Obviously, since we are listening to our brain, it might not give full satisfaction.
Recent studies shows that 85% people of age 40+ usually regret the decision that they took earlier on the basis of their objective, society and money. Our heart has been made according to our body. What our body loves, brain hates. What our brain loves, body hates. People keep their maximum efforts to make their heart understand. Does it the money? Or the recognition? In my opinion it’s none. It’s the happiness that one gains when he follow what he/she actually want to. The happiness of what we love has no bound. It’s limitless. One would love music, dance, or the creativeness. It’s unpredictable. For one, it won’t be just a passion for them but their life and that’s what they want to be their profession. But what about society and money. Usually, teens gain their maturity when they want their passion to be profession; it requires a lot of factors to be kept in mind while determining your profession. And when they confess to their parents, for most the answer is straightaway – NO! Parents think their child is unaware of the present world where making money is just important as living a life.
Not to be regretted, making money in present generation is a major issue. It’s not a cup of tea. Ironically, if an individual is talented – they get recognized – when they get recognized – they get offers from the third parties – when they get offers – they get paid for it. Yet, the paid amount is not sufficient; the satisfaction gained from it is beyond the happiness. It’s worth a respect! Person listening to their heart is likely to be more happy and exciting then who chooses their brain for their life. For one, it would be hard to sit in an office and be in front of the screen all time or; critical as hell to open a liver and treat upon a patient but for those who love these jobs are the happiest.
Parents do not stop their child who aspires to go on a field of medicine/engineering or commerce but when a child aspires to go off these fields, they act as a speed breaker. Why? Do they think these fields don’t have future? YES! THEY THINK. Everyone is aware of the huge sensational musical artist – AR Rehman. Since childhood he used to play piano along with his father who owns a small studio in southern India renowned in his locality. When Rehman was 11, his father passed away. Rehman was fond of music. Rehman at the age of 13 started to learn to use studio unplugs and mixes. He dreamed of making a career in Tollywood and Bollywood through his musical abilities. After a while, he entered Tollywood and shook the industry. He made his bollywood debut through his amazing song – “Jai Ho”. Soon, he came to the highlights of the world through his other songs. It’s not correct to say that off field careers don’t have future. It’s equal to the on fields. If Rehman wont listened of his heart, he might not get such a brilliant career in his life.
On to end, it’s not a rivalry – Brain vs. Heart. It’s a choice of which sets you on happiness. Look around and search for your happiness. May be your happiness would be searching for you…     


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