Do Suicides Really Help?

We have been coming across such news frequently –
Of course, who has not been aware of that news? We have been living in a society where such news doesn’t matter. It had become like a daily dose of our lives. We all have dreams. We all are aspirants of our dreams. We know that our dreams will come true one day. We have a great future ahead. To let this all come true, one should be strong enough. Regretting, some of us are not at so. For them, marks are their future. Yes. To some extent its really but not always. I remember my teacher used to say “Marks don’t matter, knowledge matters”. Eetesh Bassi is a true example.

Eetesh Bassi is a16 yr old boy. Since his 7 – 8th, he was interested in learning Space and electrical. He has been fond of Science since childhood. He left his school in 9th and started writing book, “To Understand Space and Time”. Around a year ago, he commenced a company of his own named Avcorp Energy Company which renders energy without any input such as petrol, diesel and battery, and so on. Within one year; he signed a contract of 30 thousand crores. He was never a topper in a school nor had he passed his boards. For him, marks were just a set of numbers which don’t tell his capabilities. He knew that. Why don’t we know that? [What I am saying should not be misunderstood with quitting your school]

While coming through the newspapers of March. My eyes were stuck and wide open. There was dozens of news of suicide of the children in their 12th and some of the IITian’s. Some of them wrote a letter to their parents mentioning their inabilities to score well in exams. We all have one or the other problems in our academics but committing suicide is not the proper solution. Why don’t we just work hard and be free to let our luck strike. We love our families. We love our friends. Doesn’t that make you love your life? We don’t get our lives free of cost. May be we have done correct deeds in our earlier life as a result we are living this life! Our parent has suffered a lot to bring up us. They have been pampering us all of our lives. Whether we are 5 yr old or whether we turn our 25’s. They will keep pampering. When we were 1 yr old and used to cry, our parents have been not slept full night. Till your education completes, they may have forgot all their wants just to satisfy your proper education. They have been spending for us all our lives and in return what did we gave them? A Suicide Note! Is that what they really deserve? NO. What they deserve is to see you happy and your prosperous life. So gift them what they deserve.
Live for your bright future, your passion and parents for sure. Quitting never helped anyone and nor will help anyone. It depends on you, how you deal with t


he situation. And never forget that everyone has their destiny..         


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