That Horrible Idea!

A month or so, i published an article regarding suicides of students persueing their 12th boards due to exam pressures. According to the recent reports, the number of students who commited suicide raised by 5%! On 21st of May, cbse announced class 12th results where 97% of students passed their examinations. My motive to publish this article is not to highlight the facts and figures but to convey the message to all the persueres.

Abhishek was one of us who attempted 12th examinations this year but due to his aweful presentation in his chemistry paper, he commited suicide. Even he hadn’t completed all his other examination nor did he wait for his results to come. When the board announced its results, he secured 73%. Is that not satisfactory? I think yes! What made him take that regreting decision? Is that the marks? Or what the society or his parents will think of him? Its both of them. Students like abhishek still exist around us and yes within us too.

We are surrounded by head scratching pressures all around but ever wondered – does only commiting suicide is the real solution  to all the problems? No way! Take a step against your disabilities. No one in this world can make you that disable that you cannot cope with your hurdling situations. Commiting suicide is just the way to flight you. Make yourself capable that not only exam pressures can make you commit suicide but also your real life situations. Everyone in this beautiful world have tons of problems. So did they let themselves commit suicide? No. Right? So be brave. If everyone would think to flight, no one can achieve what they deserve! Dont let your disabilities make a hurdle in your way to goal. Generally, our goal plan is of 10 to 15 yrs. Lets look at our example. Suppose, we fail in our 12th boards, Is that where the world ends? No. We have another year too! Try-practice-concentrate, then again try-practice and concentrate. This three keys are the keys to success and second year, you will definitely pass out with distiction!

Dear friends, commiting suicide will not take you to the solution, it will rather make you a looser. Because you failed to cope. We fail to cope when we loose our senses and the only way left with us is to take that horrible decision. So dont let yourself be controlled by your horrible ideas. There is much to come in your beautiful life – a big office – hundreds of people working under you-a banglow-your private cars and so on. If we start complaining about each and every obstacle of our life. Our life will surely take us to our final destination. Insteed improvise yourself to uplift what we already have. And definitely you will achieve, what you are meant to.


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