Incredible India

Kamla’s day started with fresh prayers and chanting shlokas. After thirty minutes of her prayers, she used to painstakingly keep a ten rupees note on a stone idol god. She used to do every day with full belief on her god. After every year, she used to take the savings to the temple and put it in the temple’s hundi so that priest and temple’s maintenance could be managed. She is a rural religious lady. Unaware of how the temple funds are utilised.

You might find this story similar to your family or friend’s. Of course, many of Indians do so. Before we continue, it’s important to look what fathers of Indian constitutions says

According to Article 26 of Constitution of India

Every religious institution has the freedom to manage its religious affairs (denying government intervenes).

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However, government managed to intervene, in the pretext of “streamlining activities”. Actually, it was started with the act ‘Madras Hindu Religious Endowments Act’ in 1923. Later became ‘Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act’ in 1959.
Like kamla, there are many such devotees who are unaware of the fiend called ‘secularism’, but now turned to ‘pseudo – secularism’ or appeasement politics. Let’s look at the survey conducted by Dainik Bhaskar.

11th August, 2015, a national daily – Dainik Bhaskar presented an audit report regarding public donations in India’s four biggest religious institutions. Tirupati Tiramala, Shirdi Sai Baba, Sidhi Vinayak Temple and Kashi Vishwanath Temple were the destinations of survey. On surveying, it was realised that its property is 132000 crores, which is 4 multiplied by Ambani’s property! Where in these temples 5 lakh devotees donate over 8 crore rupees every day! Out of, only 2% of the charity are put on god, 40% of charity are passed on to priest’s salary, temple’s maintenance and sweeper’s wages and the left income through the act, are passed on to the government treasure. Further, an annual income of nation’s biggest four temples were 2691 crores. According to the survey, left 58% of income is so large in amount that we would
get free petrol for 500 years.
travel through railway free, for 100 years.
get free food for 2 years.
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There are many like kamla who don’t think before donating. It’s not the matter of devotion but converting your savings to the indirect tax! Instead, learn to ease people and not stone idol god. One should donate those rupees to the needy who could get access to two time meals a day.
There are millions of Indians who sleep hungry while billions of rupees are put in front of god. Charity itself means ‘giving voluntarily to those in need’. God doesn’t need money; he is whole by all means. As per astronomy, it is said that
Naa tasya pratima asti, yasya naa mahedwasha’ means I don’t reside in statue. And I don’t need any donations.
Baba Ram Dev, Shri Shri Ravi Shankar and Swami Agnivesh too favoured the raised question and requested earnestly to stop donating, instead helping poor people and footpath children so that they could have two time meals a day. God isn’t called god until he helps others. Praying, ringing bells, chanting all day long in front of stone built statue will not connect you to the god instead assist poor with needs. A needy will give you more blessings then anyone.
God doesn’t reside in statue. He resides within us and other living beings. Learn to respect yourself and other humans as well as animals. No matter, whether you are Hindu, Muslim or Christian; donations exist everywhere. So, stop contributing to the charity instead help needy. Movies like
God Tussi Great Ho
Oh My God
Reflects, how religious sentimental draws an individual to donate and discriminates other religions. But not to be forget, we are bind by only one religion and that’s humanity. Yes, it is possible to set things right. Fathers of Republic of India laid foundation where each citizen’s voice can be heard. But the question is how to speak against it? First is to be aware and spread awareness, next is to provide relevant platforms.  
India is a varied heritage. Its rich in its culture. Perhaps called Incredible India! India is treasure in its own. Its history will take you deep inside the cultures. And you will never get exhausted. Though much needs to be change!
Share this, as much as you can. It’s important for every citizen to look at the insight and understand its background.          


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