Three things I learnt from colour Black.

It was noon when I along with my sister and brother were restoring old sand statues and masks which were decorated in our hall. I was a maniac who don’t know even a C of Creativity. However, my sister encouraged me and directed me of to get started.
It was a beautiful sand mask of a Durga (Indian goddess) which was hanged in our hall for over 1 yr. coloured in brown. Usually, seen in any Indian fare. We got started with the hair, then eyebrow and finally eyes. Since, I have never bothered about the colours and creativity. I was amazed with the colour black. I dipped the brush in the colour and started to wipe the hairs. The thing that amazed was though brown being a dark colour was overtaken by colour black. It may appear as a simple thing. But somehow, it laid me to link with the dreams of one’s life.
Our dreams are like colour black which overtakes all our obstacles. The same which happened with colour brown. It happened same while eye lining and colouring eyebrows.
Next, I learned was dark colours won over the light. Black colour is considered most dark colours among the other colours. It made me link to the thought that ‘Work unless you make an identity’. Here the colour black refers to the making of identity.
Make your identity irresistible and non – removable that even others cannot remove you from where you exist. Like, other colour cannot remove or hide colour black.
Third was, colour black hide other colours in just one stroke. Make yourself a powerful unit that achieve most or whole of at one stroke though it appears impossible. But why not to give it a try.
It was an unconscious thought that ran on my mind. In actual, colouring doesn’t made me a painter but helped me understand the aim of my life. At that moment, actually I was colouring my life!                


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