Initiate to Bring smiles in millions of faces. 

​Everyone has their most memorable day once in a year and that’s is our birthday. Cake, balloons and ribbons – makes our birthday more interesting. Gifts, fun, family and friends – complete our day full of memories. It’s all because we have affordability. There are many unprivileged kids who do not have affordable sources to celebrate their birthday. Their birthday is as okay as their other 364 days.

A Social Networking group – “Happy Birthday Bharat” is an initiative to bring a smile to the face on these kids for their birthday at least. So that they could enjoy their birthday. A day full of enthusiasm. 

Avijit Bajpai, a marketing professional of Health Care, Delhi initiated Happy Birthday Bharat on June 2015. While he was travelling up to his office. On a footpath, he saw some kids playing with the birthday caps and a boy critically inspecting a birthday cake box. It was there he decided to do something for the kids. With the help of his friends – Nikhil Singh, Aruna P Khot, Premlata Rai, Animesh, and Akhil Singh and his wife – Sonam Bajpai, he did a bit of planning and celebrated birthdays of Ashila and Lala in Cannought Place, Delhi.

Soon, they started their groups in Twitter and Facebook and expressed their interest. After a while or so, Avijit got a lot of volunteers who expressed their views and participated in Happy Birthday Bharat. Avijit along with the members of HBB take out plenty of time out of their busy schedules to visit the nearby places to celebrate birthday of the kids on Weekends. Every volunteer gifts children that fulfil their necessity and of course with a cake. Apart from cutting a cake, HBB celebrates lot of activities including painting, dancing, singing and games.

It was started with Delhi. Soon, came to the highlights of the Country. Now, Wilson Pereira and Kunal Bauva of Mumbai are holding command of the Mumbai HBB. Since then, this has become a daily activity of the Weekends of Happy Birthday Bharat. Happy Birthday Bharat has lakhs of followers. In future, events like this are on its way to Surat, Kolkata, Chennai, Dehradun and many more.

26th of July, 2015 – Happy Birthday Bharat did a bit extra. They celebrated birthdays of children suffering from Cancer coordinating with “CanKids India” a NGO who takes care of these children in Kotla Mubarakhpur, Delhi.  

“I have been contracted by few companies who want to sponsor an event like this. A lot of people have also offered to send in their contributions. But I refused all of that. The idea is not the money you spend. The idea is to give these children a little time” says Avijit.

Actually, Dominos does not deliver millions of smiles. Happy Birthday Bharat does. 

If you are willing to join the revolution. Join the group – “The Indian Feed” on Facebook or follow on Twitter. All you need is to join and initiate in your city too.


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