The bravery of these women are worth commendable.! 

​Domestic violence, forced prostitutions, torturing to death are in rise! What if I say; a group of women holds stick and charge lathi (stick force) on the men who does this? 

Yes! This happened in India where a group of female activists formed a legal group to demolish torturing of men. It was started in 2007 in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh, when Sampat Pal Devi faced domestic violence by his abusive husband. Since, many women like her joined. Despite having judicial system, women decided to punish men by themselves. 

“The justice system in Bundelkhand is dysfunctional and unreliable” says journalist and author of Pink Saree Revolution, Amana Fontanella Khan.

Women used to abuse men who force their decision on their wives. Moreover, they humiliate in public if they find them do so.

The Pink Saree Revolution came to force on 2007, and was named Gulabi Gang. (Gulabi refers to colour Pink). Gulabi Gang consist of 4,00,000 female activists as per the reports of Hindustan Times (2014). They also earned a title of ‘vigilant’.  

In 2007, a woman of lower caste was raped by the men of upper caste and the incident went unreported. Many villagers did strike and protested. But nothing worked and the villagers were prisoned for no offence. This is when Gulabi Gang protested and warned police to free villagers and report a case against rapist. When policemen refused to do so. Gulabi Gang dragged them to violence and physically abused them. Not only this. They also publicly shamed the offenders. Not only, giving rights of a women does, Gulabi Gang. They also saved thousands of girls from child marriage and providing them quality education. 

And this incident gave rise to women empowerment in Uttar Pradesh where there are 7,910 cases of kidnapping, 2,200 cases of dowry deaths, and 1,963 cases of rapes as per the records last year. They get help from Vitalect, a technology and services company that works with non-profit organizations to assist them with their technological needs, and Social Solution India (SSI), a non-profit company that promotes NGO stability.

Till then, Gulabi Gang hold their existence in Kelvinator 11th GR8. Women Award, an award offered by the Indian Television Academy. They also earned the Godfrey Phillips Bravery Award for social bravery, offered in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Delhi.

My motive to provide this information and discussing about this gang of Uttar Pradesh is not just up to the discussion. I want all women in India and abroad to be brave and not to tolerate any type of violence with you and if you see other woman, do help and support her and encourage her to take action. 

Be Gulabi so that no one can take advantage of you. 


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