What will you swear this Independence Day?

​Today is Indian 70th Independence Day. The day when India became independent. Almost, all Indians celebrate independence day as a holiday. But it should be rather asked to the soldiers and policemen who worked day in and day out protecting their motherland providing security to their country. Are they also granted holiday? In fact, no! As usual, they proudly wear their khadi and spend this day too protecting their motherland. 

Our job these holidays is to enjoy or go to the school and lift up your hand and salute. Or more over, take a chocolate and a banana and leave. This is a story of a commoner. We don’t take any charges to protect our motherland. I don’t mean to say, go to the border and put up a gun. Rather, we can take much more initiatives and ways to protect our motherland. Don’t be a commoner at least this day. Be a contributor to the journey of the India’s success.

Let’s take a look at what the commoners such as us can contribute to India.

  • Plant at least one plant. This Independence Day plant at least one plant. These days, cutting of trees is at its peak. And so is becoming the cause of diminishing ozone layer. In fact, this should be done after every while. It’s a request to every Indian to plant whether he resides in India or a Non-Resident of India. Planting trees and plants is good for every region. 
  • Visit Orphanage and Old Age homes. Visit orphanges and old age homes with a plenty of clothes and daily necessities. This will make them comfortable and think they are not alone. Trust me, this will be best gift for them.
  • Holding a Bravery Event for policemen. Besides BSF and others, police are the one who keeps a check on every city or town. And in return, we can do a bit to uplift their confidence and make them feel special. It will be heart throbbing part of their life that they were invited by the common public to celebrate this special day with them. 
  • Switching to Eco-friendly methods. Actually, this point too should be done every day. I would be delighted to see every individual doing a method which is economically friendly. Of course, who will not be happy? For an example, instead of using a wooden pencil, try a mechanical pencil which use only graphite. It is a regretting point, that producing wooden pencil reduces 6.5% of forest worldwide. Alike, the example of wooden pencil, there are much eco-friendlier methods we can promote.

We can create much more opportunities than we think. It is not only the responsibility of inspectors and soldiers to protect their motherland. What we are at present, we should do our best to what we can. We are proud Indians and to do what we can do at least is our job. At last, Happy Independence Day to you all. 🙂 


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