On a sunny day, gazing at the flower, 15-yr-old boy Genish was sketching while sitting at the stairs of a local nursery. Temptation of plants and flowers made him visit regularly. While he was sketching petals, he heard car buzzing through the doors and entered the nursery. Passing through the stairs, Genish stared at the windows figuring out the man under the car.

He was shocked to discover. It was NymPylor, a famous European painter whose paintings were sold at huge prices. More than a painter, the man was his ideal. He could not believe his eyes for a moment. When the car was parked, NymPylor stepped out without wasting much of his time. While picking the right plant with the gardener’s advice, Genish was struggling behind with the guards. Begging, arguing to let him meet once his ideal. Of sure, Pylor was noticing him; intrigued but not uttered any word; obsessed with his fans madness, he was used to it.

On every plant, he made his move, Genish followed him every single step arguing and begging with the guards. Pylor turned to him. He saw his childhood in the eyes of the boy when he noticed him with a drawing book and the set of pencils.

“Take him to the car”.

Pylor said to the guards, confused Genish did not questioned and moved towards the car immediately.

After a while, when he paid the bills; came towards the car, noticed the boy with the innocent face. He sat in front of the boy kneeling down.

“Hey. What’s your name?”

“I am Genish. Sir, I am delighted to meet you.”

“I guess you like sketching and drawing.”

“Yes sir. Can I have your autograph?”


Pylor took him into the car. Delighted, Genish can’t resist the temptation. Pylor autographed in his drawing book and turned the pages in order to see his drawing pieces.

“Sir, how do you make your paintings so mesmerising?”

Pylor smiled, such as hypnotised by the smile of the little boy as if conversing to his past.

“Do you want to go on a ride with me?”

Genish nodded irresistibly as the curve was fixed to his face for a moment. Pylor told his driver to lead to St. Carve Lake. On the way to the lake, Genish threw number of questions at Pylor.

“Why do but plants in every month end? How come do you visit a town so small?”

Pylor explained the; for the deal, he visited here. Now they’ve visited the lake with no one around. It was a lake on the peripheral of the town. How do Pylor come to know about the lake? Pylor ordered his guards to leave him and Genish alone and sat on the boundaries of the lake. Genish was silent unlike of his behaviour. Watching him, Pylor smiled a bit.

“Don’t you have questions with me?” still smiling.

“Sir, how do you make so mesmerising paintings? I heard on the news, you have habit of planting plants on every month end. Do you like gardening?” Genish recalled his previous behaviour and asked certainly and continuously.

“Do you want to listen a story?”

Genish nodded approving.

Once there was a boy with the heart filled of expressing his ideas through paintings. He was 20-yr-old. At this stage, he had achieved many things through his paintings. His paintings had great values. At the age of building future, he saw his future secured. He focused on his paintings relentlessly. Simultaneously, the values of his paintings were getting reduced; a time also came when he was rejected by auctioneers saying you are not worthy. The boy was depressed; unaware of what has happened to his paintings or is he had done anything to others? He ran from his home depressed; on reaching a peaceful lake, he stopped himself. While thinking how to overcome the situation, he saw an old gardener working on the plant – cutting old stems and leaves – filtering pesticides on plant and ultimately watering it.

“The plant is already on the boundaries of a lake!” yelling as if guiding the gardener. “It’ll grow itself!”

Gardener looked at the direction of the noise. He saw the boy; smiled. Working on the plant for a while, he came up to the boy and sat beside him. Gardener could see the fear in the eyes of the boy.

“What had happened?” Gardener asked undoubtedly and unfeared.

The boy ignored him but slowly he opened up himself; shared his tragedy as if he wanted someone to listen and give a shoulder to his misery. Gardener understood the root of his problems and smiled.

“Son, do you know why I was caring for the plant which is planted aside of the lake?”

Boy argued saying he was wasting his time working on that plant. However, the water of lake will ultimately come to the plant.

Gardener explained, watering is not enough for a plant to grow. Pests creeping – unhealthy leaves and stems need to vanish unless it makes other stems and leaves unhealthy. Pests creeping on the plant should be killed so that it does not make the whole plant unhealthy. Efforts need to be added after every period so that the plant remains healthy.

The boy was silently listening to him.

“You may be putting efforts on your paintings. Killing pests is similar to killing the limited imagination and vision of your mind. did you clean your plant? Did you visited and appreciated other painter’s piece? Understanding their ideas and occupying something new from them? You are the plant; make other painters your gardener; vanishing roasted ideas and gaining a new vision.” Gardener said.

The boy was still silent, gazing the lake with large opportunities in his eyes. Boy thanked and guaranteed him to visit him again. After a year or so, he regained his value in the world of art. Gardener’s words made him put efforts. He thought of visiting the lake and thanking the gardener. He visited the same lake but acknowledged that his indirect tutor was no more. He felt ache.

“The boy was me.” Pylor said.

Genish was shocked and turned his head towards Pylor; opening his eye as big.

“Since then, I decided to plant every month in memory of my tutor. I hope you got answers of all your questions” Pylor said; smiling at the boy.

Genish smiled back and nodded.

Pylor and Genish together planted beside the gardener’s plant. While planting, Pylor saw his childhood in Genish. Both, present and future shared a memorable journey together. Pylor dropped him to the same nursery. On the way back, Paylor remembered the gala time spent together and Genish continued to his sketching with a hand full of opened ideas.



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