On a bloomy winter day, birds were quirkling, the air of the country sung the realm of the Republic Day, 2030. A social activist and the president of the most influential ruling party of the country, AnshMemon, was said a prepare a speech for the day.

Memon hurried through the stairs and entered the car standing down stairs. Meanwhile, he reached the Rajpath, New Delhi. While watching pre-march arrangements, he thought to summarize his speech. Soon, he dipped his hands in his pocket and the hope was now distorted. His eyes were left wide open and found his pockets empty.

“Hey, did you gave me my speech letter?” Memon said to his secretary.

“Last night, sir”

And dropped the call.

The situation was getting critical. Route from Rajpath to his house took 45 mins to reach and the parade was to start. It was time to take a standing option. He headed to his position along with his colleagues and sat on his chair. Nothing, but he can only memorize his country development year by year. He sat thoughtfully, closed his eyes and no. of achievements unlocked the ideas of his imagination. He remembered 2014, when their party came to stand, initiated no. of programmes for a wealthy India.

“The journey of development took shape in the year 2015 when Prime Minister R K Munshir initiated Make in India campaign to promote Indian goods and consume less rate of imported goods. He travelled the world to promote tiger with mechanic wheels and invite numerous investments from the world. After a year or so, he initiated ‘Clean India Programme’. It was 2016 when a yellow coloured van travelled every corner of the city to pick garbage from every house singing the joys of the ‘Swachh Bharat’.

In 2016, where no. of small operations was taking shape. India’s most cruel aspect of the society “CORRUPTION” was seem to raise its fire. Munshir decided to demonetise such essential currency notes which were the main source of taking bribe from the citizens. He demonetised Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 notes to trace corrupts from the society. To retain in the society, corrupts dipped their black money in the garbage. Lakhs and crores of bribes were being picked up from the garbage and given punishments. It led to deprive economic growth. Soon, the country’s rate to dollar was deprived. But leading to another aspect of the development.

Soon, it was the time for the elections and the country again voted for the party of visions Mr. R K Munshir. Again, a dozen of hopes and visions entered the thoughts of the country.

Make in India was an investment campaign whereas, on the side of initiatives headed indirectly towards the development of the Indian economy. It was 2020, when public sector raised a ton of government vacancies in railway, foreign and investment sectors. People from town, districts and panchayats were qualified for the job and were hired. Govt ensured job security and after life pensions to the family of the employee. Watching immense growth in the public sector, banking sector opened its numerous outlets across the country and generated employment.

In the world of technology and industrialisation, people forgot to remember their natural existence. Plants, trees and gardens were hard to find. But the party too had the plans for the greeneries of the country. Munshir initiated another campaign “Green India” after the success of Clean India.

With the rise in the employment opportunities, industrialisation of the country was taking a new life. It showed the perceptions of future businesses. Main aim of these start-ups was to increase the wealth of the country. It produced no. of machineries that country was importing from the world and developed such services that were exported to world for the betterment. Technological improvements were seen in the air of India.

Year by year, country showed an immense growth in the overall sectors of the development. It is now 2030, when months back valuation of yearly GDP took place. From 2014 to 2030, the GDP rate was seen improved a lot by 15%. it reached 85% of the GDP and beheld China from 5% of the GDP growth. Now, India is growing ahead of all countries in the world and reached at peak where it is not going to look down again”.

“Now, we call our president, Mr. Ansh Memon to address.” Heard the voice from the stage.

Memon hurried to stage peacefully, grated the citizens and said few words. Meanwhile the claps were not ready to behold themselves as the words of the country’s growth were singing the realms of the development.

NOTE This story is purely fictitious. Any resemblance to any politician, party, religion or country is not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings or to distort anyone’s rights or beliefs.


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