Feminism at it’s best – Chetan Bhagat’s One Indian Girl – Book blog

Chetan Bhagat has blown the reading market, gaining indian market’s largest readership. In his recent book, One Indian Girl, which can probably be his next movie for sure, talks about feminism, ideology and male dominated society. One Indian Girl, for Chetan Bhagat fan, it would be a night to spend with and for other readers (just like me) it would be a completing factor who just picked up the book to read a man who writes from a women perception.  

In Chetan Bhagat’s One Indian Girl, he portrays Radhika Mehta, a feminist, who works at top investment bank and is IIM grad. Her life deals like any other Indian girl who goes through family issues whose mother constantly insists her to get married and be like her elder sister who is just opposite of feminist; she believes in not working and getting married to high class family. And similar to the issues as love affairs, heartbreaks, work vibes and complexion hits the plot of the story. If it’s Chetan Bhagat, it definitely has to be a high funtoo plot. 

Mini-me knew too much.

Before starting his book, Bhagat gone through a lot researches and interviewing different women on their each issues they have to face in their routine. Where fore, he drawn a character in the Radhika herself, mini-me, in other words the inner-me who doubts herself and making Radhika unable to make quick decisions. Statements as – ‘Football sized boobs as Punjabi men prefers’ offended some or the other Punjabi men. 

Fast-forwarded plot.

Bhagat doesn’t sticked to one scene over the other. The story was fast-forwarded making readers less hallucinated. He brought up the story that doesn’t bore his readers and lighting the curiosity to read one after the other. Chetan Bhagat is filled with an art of how he brings his story which keeps his readers awake.


Simple and understandable language.

There is nothing to be struck with when you are reading One Indian Girl. The language is free of complications. Chetan used simple language to be understood by the readers. Subsequently, readers can read the whole book in one sitting. For the beginner readers, I would recommend the book to read Chetan’s perception and how he beautifully brought up the plot.

If it’s Chetan, there definitely has to be love story and affairs.

No wonder, chetan discussed each aspect of women in Indian society but ended up adding love makings and affairs in his plot. Everything was going well until Chetan come up with the character Debu and Neel, however, Brijesh was the necessary one. 


I would rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars because of his constantly high funtoo twists and plotting love stories in every book.


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