“I Play Blue Whale” 

I sat near the front door on the couch, turning pages of the local daily. As a routine activity, I dug my eyes upon the first headline on the first page, it read, “Friend rescues boy attempts to suicide as completion of Blue Whale game”. It seemed nasty after a 16-yr-old Mumbai boy was pushed to death as a challenge of the ‘youth driven game’ of present ‘The Blue Whale’. My heart skipped a beat as I read top to bottom. Like a curious bird, I jumped for my phone and googled for the same. Google linked me to the exact keywords I searched for, of how Blue Whale drags one to drown. 

It took me through various links and I neglected to hold back. I clicked each site Google took me. Times of India, Quora, Twitter, Google+. A curious bird, as I said. It didn’t only take me to the lines, for my wits to be satisfied, I researched horribly. My eyes widened as I found nerd that equals me but has guts to claim for the truth himself. He belongs to US and I wonder is he alive still? To claim the truth behind the rumors, youth trade their life onto the game; he downloads the game from the official game website (not to be revealed). He credits his information falsely though falling for the same prey as others. 

Here is his story as he pens down his experience day by day:

Shocked and breath-taken. I leaned back and run my brainy errands. To be exact, an administrator could access your handset in one run; of how false the information is, IP address remains particular as I scratched my head. Thought that wanders still is; is the person alive yet? Or fallen to the same prey? At the same time, I flashed back to the time when I decided once to play the game out of curiosity. Sooner than any other, the thought was blown, however. I thanked universe for letting ‘curious bird’ away from entering the Blue Whale as I powered off my phone. 


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