In her late teens, Tanya Tamrakar started blogging and writing also participated in various writing competitions. She did her schooling from Betul district, Madhya Pradesh, India and is now pursuing her grads from Indore City. As she believes dreams can only be achieved through persuasive motivation which can only be grabbed through excessive learning and meaning them in the life, she writes book blogs and shared thoughts on the viral.

At seventeen, she founded the respective website and started blogging on current affairs, motivation followed by reviewing books. In a year of its managing, she faced with different circumstances that led her to numerous experiences. Dreams, relations, lives which impacted her life to take number of turns in the way to her accomplishments of learning new aspects of the life. To follow her mean hobby of writing, she quit her long withhold dream of becoming a music composer and devoted fully on writing her lessons of life to those who need to uplift from their circumstances.