The boy who lived

When did you last heard a story? Last night? Or hour before? Today I felt an urge to tell you the same. Story of a kid who grew up to be a man of guts who neglected to face down. Story which we; or some among of us are seeking. To which we can relate [...]


Feminism at it’s best – Chetan Bhagat’s One Indian Girl – Book blog

Chetan Bhagat has blown the reading market, gaining indian market’s largest readership. In his recent book, One Indian Girl, which can probably be his next movie for sure, talks about feminism, ideology and male dominated society. One Indian Girl, for Chetan Bhagat fan, it would be a night to spend with and for other readers [...]

5 Reasons why TINYS is good for your mental health

​Savi Sharma is the India’s fastest rising author in the self-publishing era. A storyteller who flushed youth’s mind with the aura called – SUCCESS. Savi Sharma debuted with ‘Everyone Has A Story’ which became best-seller; which was fore taken by Westland Ltd and second book 'This Is Not Your Story'.  Savi Sharma, a CA aspirant [...]