“I Play Blue Whale” 

I sat near the front door on the couch, turning pages of the local daily. As a routine activity, I dug my eyes upon the first headline on the first page, it read, “Friend rescues boy attempts to suicide as completion of Blue Whale game”. It seemed nasty after a 16-yr-old Mumbai boy was pushed [...]

5 Reasons why TINYS is good for your mental health

​Savi Sharma is the India’s fastest rising author in the self-publishing era. A storyteller who flushed youth’s mind with the aura called – SUCCESS. Savi Sharma debuted with ‘Everyone Has A Story’ which became best-seller; which was fore taken by Westland Ltd and second book 'This Is Not Your Story'.  Savi Sharma, a CA aspirant [...]


On a bloomy winter day, birds were quirkling, the air of the country sung the realm of the Republic Day, 2030. A social activist and the president of the most influential ruling party of the country, AnshMemon, was said a prepare a speech for the day. Memon hurried through the stairs and entered the car [...]