At 18, he decided to uproot trafficking, here’s his journey.

17-year-old girl, Vaishali (name changed) was kidnapped near her house in 2009 in Varanasi. She was trafficked to New Delhi and was raped numerously. She was then taken to Surat and was gang raped for couple of weeks. This wasn’t the end. She was then taken to Mumbai where traffickers planned to sell her to a third party. This is when the Guria team intervened and rescued the girl from the traffickers. They did not just bring Vaishali back to her family but also got the lead trafficker arrested and made sure his bail was rejected. The case is under trial in district court.
Guria (pronounced as Gudia) is a Non-Profit organisation fighting against sexual exploitation of Women in Prostitution (WIP) and minor girls specially trafficking which has become a fastest growing criminal industry globally.
Guria had made a beginning by adopting three kids of Women in Prostitution in 1991 by Ajeet Singh. It was initiated to finish forced prostitution and specially trafficking and restoring rights for WIP and their children at Varanasi & Mau Red Light Area in U. P. and Bedia tribe, involved in traditional family-based prostitution at Raisen, M. P. also focusing on the prevention of human trafficking in the source districts of eastern U. P, India and Indo-Nepal border. 
“Today I can say Varanasi is almost free from child prostitution” claims Ajeet.
Guria, till now has filled 1400 cases against traffickers and many are rotting in jail. It was started with Ajeet’s cousin wedding while he saw a sex worker dancing in front of a huge crowd with dirty hooting. Here’s how he recalls his state of thoughts.
“The way people were looking at her and treating her was something that shocked and deeply saddened me. It was then and there that I decided to do something to free girls like her from such a profession”
Perhaps, he acknowledged the roots of the profession is poverty and education. The reason why women and girls fall prey to the traffickers. When the performance of the lady was finished. He then went to the lady and asked if he could take care of her children. Women readily accepted and so then he adopted three kids of the lady at his tender age 18. For sure, his decision was never accepted by his family but somehow he managed to provide them a quality education.
“of course my decision was not welcomed by my family. I faced huge opposition from my family and society but this is what I wanted to do” said Ajeet.
8,00,000 people, primarily women are trafficked internationally every year. The global profits from trafficked sex slaves were $35. 7 billion USD in 2007. (Sex trafficking: inside the business of modern slavery, Kara 2009) Ajeet learned- the steps taken by him was not enough. The mechanism of traffickers seemed to be more complex than he had imagined.
In 1993, he started an NGO-Guria which not only rescued girls from trafficking but also focused on child prostitution and handcuffing sex traffickers.
“The whole profession and system are so complex that providing mere education to the kids or spreading awareness about health, HIV, etc., cannot solve it. The issue is slavery and the need to abolish the system of sex trafficking. It is only then that girls can be saved to lead better lives” says Ajeet.   
It’s time for an aggressive decision. Ajeet prepared himself to take on the racket. He got a few hidden cameras—in his shirt button, pen, watch, etc.—and started to pose as a customer, only to track the locations of red light areas and the minor girls there. After the mapping was completed – the team of police and members of Guria – started to raid in the red light area of Shivdaspur. In a day, they used to rescue 15 girls.
Apart from rescuing girls, Guria lands many traffickers in jail and also work hard for their bail rejection. Over 400 such bail has been rejected till date.
“Often, these traffickers who get bail come out quickly and start doing what they did earlier. We make sure they stay in jail for a long time. Some of them have been in jail for about four to five years now”
Guria was now highlighted. Ajeet started to receive death threats and warnings. He often gets attacked but his work did not stop him.
“I have been attacked so many times and given death threats. Even my family did not support me. A lot of people raised question about my work but I was determined to save the lives of these girls,” says Ajeet.
It may appear a simple story but who dares to what Ajeet did in his teens! Organisations like Guria are rare to find though hard to succeed. How danger it would be give an eye to the brothel keepers. Anyway, Ajeet was a contributing factor to the society. What Ajeet did in his teens and with the volunteers of the organisation are valuable.
During an interview with The Week;
“Initially I was quite upset when he brought home the children of a sex worker. However, when I heard him out, I felt assured, and have since never interfered with his work,” said his mother, Shanti Singh.
“I wanted my son to become an IAS or IPS officer, but when I discovered that his inclination was somewhere else, I did not stop him,” said his father, P. N. Singh, a retired police officer.        
Guria comprise 25 members and hundreds of volunteers, and continues to their mission to save minor girls and WIP from being trafficked. Rather, they get support from CRY and other individual donations through which they conduct workshops, provide quality education to the children and conduct raids.
Ajeet is now planning to go National and saving girls from entering a profession aroused by the slavery, poverty and mere education opportunities. Let’s give him an opportunity to introduce himself and giving him an opportunity.
For more information, visit Guria website –

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#General vs. Reservations

it’s been a month since your boards are over. What’s the plan for higher education beta?’ while Mr. Sharma took tea from his table.
I am looking for DU’s cut-off dad or either any private university.’
DU?’ dad’s eyes peeled over neeraj.
Why don’t you look any other university? You are well aware of how citizen like us are kept discriminated from entering any government university.’
Still I am waiting for DU’s cut-off’ neeraj said firmly and walked.
Dad took a deep sigh, regretting.

Perhaps, many of us cannot dream of entering a college like DU because of cut throat competition. Neeraj scored 88% and is an aspiring student for DU. He belongs to General Category and had suffered immensely earlier in his school days. He didn’t get scholarship though his family income was less than 2 lacs. It’s been a huge trouble from the demon called ‘Caste Based Reservations’   
It was rather originated through caste discrimination long ago. There were four religions – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, and Christianity. Under Hindu, there are further four other sections. In which, the lower caste was called Dalits or obvious untouchables. To facilitate and uplift these castes; Reservation Policy was implemented in scholarship, education and jobs. Schedule Tribes (ST), Scheduled Caste (SC) and Other Backward Classes (OBC) are the primary beneficiaries of the reservation policy and some states reservation policy is also for Muslims under category BC(M).

Before moving to the conclusion, it’s important to have a look at the ethics; Constitution of India.

According to the Article 46 of Constitution of India:
The state shall promote with special care the education and economic interest of the weaker sections of the people, and, in particular, of the SC, ST and shall protect them from social injustice & all forms of exploitations.

In context of the Constitution, State Government follow their own policy based upon population constitution of each state where 7.5% of the seats are allocated to the ST, 15% seats to SC. In addition, 27% seats to OBC. Almost 50% seats reserved. Apart from the figures, if any backward class person suffers or is out of seats; he is being placed at the seat of a General at a cost of SC, ST or OBC.
More precisely, Reservation Policy is implemented to uplift and making capable for backward classes to shoulder to shoulder with other sections of the society. Fast forward to the present, SC, ST, OBC had made improvements in their society. Almost all of the weaker sections are admitted in Government Sectors, since the policy has been implemented. At present, half of the Generals are suffering from income statements. Rather, policy needs to change.

Caste Based Reservations should be converted to Deserved Based Reservations. A student scoring 88% is not admitted but a student scoring 62% is admitted either! A family having income statement of Rs. 2 lacs are discarded, on the other hand, a family having income statement of Rs. 5.5 lacs are welcomed! As a result, SC, ST and OBC are taking advantage of their reservations. They know, however, they will be admitted in any institutions or get any ancestral government job. Whether they work hard or not.

Some say, SC, ST, OBC are discriminated. The truth is far from the reality. Why? Don’t reserved candidates have two legs to walk? Don’t they have two hands to work? Or they don’t have mind to think? Then why are there reservations? SC, ST, OBC are not discriminated, generals do.

2016 Delhi University 1st Cut-off list for Science Courses.
Source –
2015 Delhi University 8th Cut-off list for Arts and Commerce Courses:
Source –

Perhaps, policy needs to change. In the past many political parties harvested its advantages through reservations for their betterment and not for whom it was intended. It was felt that reservations should be allowed to whom were kept out of society to uplift employment opportunities. However, the policy was framed for 10 years; extended again and again either for social reasons or political reasons.

Jats – a community commonly found in the Northern India in Rajasthan and Haryana are included in OBC while in respective states, they are the prime land holders. This states, reservations are purely extended for political advantages instead of social. Other like Minas. We are well aware that community Minas is included in ST category whereas they are in bureaucratic circles. Yadav’s are ruling the roost in Bihar and UP whereas they are included in OBC category.

It’s a harsh truth. The foremost duty of India is to educate its people. Concentrate on education rather on reservations. An educated person will guarantee a job. Provide good education system so that an individual can access to the outer world. Also, most percentage of the poor Generals are set alone against their fate without any resources. There is no need of it; for a rightly educated person because he can have ability to create jobs for others also.

America has backward classes too in its country. The sole reason for their success is they concentrated on education and not in reservations. Only reason India is lacking is; it gives opportunities to reserved and not deserved. It’s a high time for India to wash its hands from reservations and creating new policies of different nature and not caste-based.

Before being an OBC, I am an Indian. Perhaps I feel that requirement to new India is to plan a policy who not only take caste into consideration but also parents salaries, property/income statements into account.

Apart, the following institutions have been kept out of the purview of Central Educational Institutions (Reservation in Admission) Act, 2006:
* Homi Bhabha National Institute, Mumbai and its ten constituent units, namely: 
* Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay
* Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam
* Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore
Institute for Plasma Research, Gandhinagar
* Variable Energy Cyclotron Centre, Kolkata
* Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata
* Institute of Physics, Bhubaneshwar
Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai
* Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad
* Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
* North Eastern Indira Gandhi Regional Institute of Health and Medical Sciences, Shillong
* Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
* Space Physics Laboratory, Thiruvananthapuram
* Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Dehradun
* Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra

DECLARATION: All the above points are my personal views. It is not intended to hurt in resemblance to any person, community or caste. But in case, if I did; I am sorry for that. 

Incredible India

Kamla’s day started with fresh prayers and chanting shlokas. After thirty minutes of her prayers, she used to painstakingly keep a ten rupees note on a stone idol god. She used to do every day with full belief on her god. After every year, she used to take the savings to the temple and put it in the temple’s hundi so that priest and temple’s maintenance could be managed. She is a rural religious lady. Unaware of how the temple funds are utilised.

You might find this story similar to your family or friend’s. Of course, many of Indians do so. Before we continue, it’s important to look what fathers of Indian constitutions says

According to Article 26 of Constitution of India

Every religious institution has the freedom to manage its religious affairs (denying government intervenes).

Link –    

However, government managed to intervene, in the pretext of “streamlining activities”. Actually, it was started with the act ‘Madras Hindu Religious Endowments Act’ in 1923. Later became ‘Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act’ in 1959.
Like kamla, there are many such devotees who are unaware of the fiend called ‘secularism’, but now turned to ‘pseudo – secularism’ or appeasement politics. Let’s look at the survey conducted by Dainik Bhaskar.

11th August, 2015, a national daily – Dainik Bhaskar presented an audit report regarding public donations in India’s four biggest religious institutions. Tirupati Tiramala, Shirdi Sai Baba, Sidhi Vinayak Temple and Kashi Vishwanath Temple were the destinations of survey. On surveying, it was realised that its property is 132000 crores, which is 4 multiplied by Ambani’s property! Where in these temples 5 lakh devotees donate over 8 crore rupees every day! Out of, only 2% of the charity are put on god, 40% of charity are passed on to priest’s salary, temple’s maintenance and sweeper’s wages and the left income through the act, are passed on to the government treasure. Further, an annual income of nation’s biggest four temples were 2691 crores. According to the survey, left 58% of income is so large in amount that we would
get free petrol for 500 years.
travel through railway free, for 100 years.
get free food for 2 years.
Link –
There are many like kamla who don’t think before donating. It’s not the matter of devotion but converting your savings to the indirect tax! Instead, learn to ease people and not stone idol god. One should donate those rupees to the needy who could get access to two time meals a day.
There are millions of Indians who sleep hungry while billions of rupees are put in front of god. Charity itself means ‘giving voluntarily to those in need’. God doesn’t need money; he is whole by all means. As per astronomy, it is said that
Naa tasya pratima asti, yasya naa mahedwasha’ means I don’t reside in statue. And I don’t need any donations.
Baba Ram Dev, Shri Shri Ravi Shankar and Swami Agnivesh too favoured the raised question and requested earnestly to stop donating, instead helping poor people and footpath children so that they could have two time meals a day. God isn’t called god until he helps others. Praying, ringing bells, chanting all day long in front of stone built statue will not connect you to the god instead assist poor with needs. A needy will give you more blessings then anyone.
God doesn’t reside in statue. He resides within us and other living beings. Learn to respect yourself and other humans as well as animals. No matter, whether you are Hindu, Muslim or Christian; donations exist everywhere. So, stop contributing to the charity instead help needy. Movies like
God Tussi Great Ho
Oh My God
Reflects, how religious sentimental draws an individual to donate and discriminates other religions. But not to be forget, we are bind by only one religion and that’s humanity. Yes, it is possible to set things right. Fathers of Republic of India laid foundation where each citizen’s voice can be heard. But the question is how to speak against it? First is to be aware and spread awareness, next is to provide relevant platforms.  
India is a varied heritage. Its rich in its culture. Perhaps called Incredible India! India is treasure in its own. Its history will take you deep inside the cultures. And you will never get exhausted. Though much needs to be change!
Share this, as much as you can. It’s important for every citizen to look at the insight and understand its background.          

That Horrible Idea!

A month or so, i published an article regarding suicides of students persueing their 12th boards due to exam pressures. According to the recent reports, the number of students who commited suicide raised by 5%! On 21st of May, cbse announced class 12th results where 97% of students passed their examinations. My motive to publish this article is not to highlight the facts and figures but to convey the message to all the persueres.

Abhishek was one of us who attempted 12th examinations this year but due to his aweful presentation in his chemistry paper, he commited suicide. Even he hadn’t completed all his other examination nor did he wait for his results to come. When the board announced its results, he secured 73%. Is that not satisfactory? I think yes! What made him take that regreting decision? Is that the marks? Or what the society or his parents will think of him? Its both of them. Students like abhishek still exist around us and yes within us too.

We are surrounded by head scratching pressures all around but ever wondered – does only commiting suicide is the real solution  to all the problems? No way! Take a step against your disabilities. No one in this world can make you that disable that you cannot cope with your hurdling situations. Commiting suicide is just the way to flight you. Make yourself capable that not only exam pressures can make you commit suicide but also your real life situations. Everyone in this beautiful world have tons of problems. So did they let themselves commit suicide? No. Right? So be brave. If everyone would think to flight, no one can achieve what they deserve! Dont let your disabilities make a hurdle in your way to goal. Generally, our goal plan is of 10 to 15 yrs. Lets look at our example. Suppose, we fail in our 12th boards, Is that where the world ends? No. We have another year too! Try-practice-concentrate, then again try-practice and concentrate. This three keys are the keys to success and second year, you will definitely pass out with distiction!

Dear friends, commiting suicide will not take you to the solution, it will rather make you a looser. Because you failed to cope. We fail to cope when we loose our senses and the only way left with us is to take that horrible decision. So dont let yourself be controlled by your horrible ideas. There is much to come in your beautiful life – a big office – hundreds of people working under you-a banglow-your private cars and so on. If we start complaining about each and every obstacle of our life. Our life will surely take us to our final destination. Insteed improvise yourself to uplift what we already have. And definitely you will achieve, what you are meant to.

Do Suicides Really Help?

We have been coming across such news frequently –
Of course, who has not been aware of that news? We have been living in a society where such news doesn’t matter. It had become like a daily dose of our lives. We all have dreams. We all are aspirants of our dreams. We know that our dreams will come true one day. We have a great future ahead. To let this all come true, one should be strong enough. Regretting, some of us are not at so. For them, marks are their future. Yes. To some extent its really but not always. I remember my teacher used to say “Marks don’t matter, knowledge matters”. Eetesh Bassi is a true example.

Eetesh Bassi is a16 yr old boy. Since his 7 – 8th, he was interested in learning Space and electrical. He has been fond of Science since childhood. He left his school in 9th and started writing book, “To Understand Space and Time”. Around a year ago, he commenced a company of his own named Avcorp Energy Company which renders energy without any input such as petrol, diesel and battery, and so on. Within one year; he signed a contract of 30 thousand crores. He was never a topper in a school nor had he passed his boards. For him, marks were just a set of numbers which don’t tell his capabilities. He knew that. Why don’t we know that? [What I am saying should not be misunderstood with quitting your school]

While coming through the newspapers of March. My eyes were stuck and wide open. There was dozens of news of suicide of the children in their 12th and some of the IITian’s. Some of them wrote a letter to their parents mentioning their inabilities to score well in exams. We all have one or the other problems in our academics but committing suicide is not the proper solution. Why don’t we just work hard and be free to let our luck strike. We love our families. We love our friends. Doesn’t that make you love your life? We don’t get our lives free of cost. May be we have done correct deeds in our earlier life as a result we are living this life! Our parent has suffered a lot to bring up us. They have been pampering us all of our lives. Whether we are 5 yr old or whether we turn our 25’s. They will keep pampering. When we were 1 yr old and used to cry, our parents have been not slept full night. Till your education completes, they may have forgot all their wants just to satisfy your proper education. They have been spending for us all our lives and in return what did we gave them? A Suicide Note! Is that what they really deserve? NO. What they deserve is to see you happy and your prosperous life. So gift them what they deserve.
Live for your bright future, your passion and parents for sure. Quitting never helped anyone and nor will help anyone. It depends on you, how you deal with t


he situation. And never forget that everyone has their destiny..         


Since childhood, we have been taught- Beta, do what your brain orders. Ever since, everyone has cross-armed with the situation prevailing and most of the time we have been in dilemma making choice between our heart and our brain. Anyway, can you put your hands on your heart and say – the thing which we did till today neglecting our heart, gave you full satisfaction? Obviously, since we are listening to our brain, it might not give full satisfaction.
Recent studies shows that 85% people of age 40+ usually regret the decision that they took earlier on the basis of their objective, society and money. Our heart has been made according to our body. What our body loves, brain hates. What our brain loves, body hates. People keep their maximum efforts to make their heart understand. Does it the money? Or the recognition? In my opinion it’s none. It’s the happiness that one gains when he follow what he/she actually want to. The happiness of what we love has no bound. It’s limitless. One would love music, dance, or the creativeness. It’s unpredictable. For one, it won’t be just a passion for them but their life and that’s what they want to be their profession. But what about society and money. Usually, teens gain their maturity when they want their passion to be profession; it requires a lot of factors to be kept in mind while determining your profession. And when they confess to their parents, for most the answer is straightaway – NO! Parents think their child is unaware of the present world where making money is just important as living a life.
Not to be regretted, making money in present generation is a major issue. It’s not a cup of tea. Ironically, if an individual is talented – they get recognized – when they get recognized – they get offers from the third parties – when they get offers – they get paid for it. Yet, the paid amount is not sufficient; the satisfaction gained from it is beyond the happiness. It’s worth a respect! Person listening to their heart is likely to be more happy and exciting then who chooses their brain for their life. For one, it would be hard to sit in an office and be in front of the screen all time or; critical as hell to open a liver and treat upon a patient but for those who love these jobs are the happiest.
Parents do not stop their child who aspires to go on a field of medicine/engineering or commerce but when a child aspires to go off these fields, they act as a speed breaker. Why? Do they think these fields don’t have future? YES! THEY THINK. Everyone is aware of the huge sensational musical artist – AR Rehman. Since childhood he used to play piano along with his father who owns a small studio in southern India renowned in his locality. When Rehman was 11, his father passed away. Rehman was fond of music. Rehman at the age of 13 started to learn to use studio unplugs and mixes. He dreamed of making a career in Tollywood and Bollywood through his musical abilities. After a while, he entered Tollywood and shook the industry. He made his bollywood debut through his amazing song – “Jai Ho”. Soon, he came to the highlights of the world through his other songs. It’s not correct to say that off field careers don’t have future. It’s equal to the on fields. If Rehman wont listened of his heart, he might not get such a brilliant career in his life.
On to end, it’s not a rivalry – Brain vs. Heart. It’s a choice of which sets you on happiness. Look around and search for your happiness. May be your happiness would be searching for you…     

#Indian Luxuries League

These days Indian Premiere League is at its peak. People are concerned with new teams rising these days. Not to be regretted, people enjoy this unique league as they give immense joy and pleasure to support their respective teams. On the other hand, there is a bitter truth about the league which the spectators are unaware of.

As we are aware of the fact that water is essential for human’s existence. The states such as, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Telangana, etc. are suffering from immense lack of water supplies. Some of the cities and districts of Maharashtra are getting water once in a couple of day. Ironically, water is supplied and wasted around 2,30,000 – 3,00,000 litres/week to maintain the ground and pitch of the stadium. Whereas, cities such as Shingnapur, Nagpur, Pune and Mumbai, etc. are not getting water adequately. An average human needs 3 – 4 litres/ day of water for their exigency and around 4 – 8 litres/day for their routine and people are getting 20-30 litres/2 days. On the contrary, people in districts of Maharashtra owe Water Supply Licenses to meet their water requirements when a government water tank arrives!

It’s a disgrace that humans need a license permit to own their part of water. Imagine a person without such a permit! A person who don’t have license should be apartheid to own water! This case is similar to those of a beggar. Doesn’t he have the right to live? Cricketers are playing in a priceless pitch worth a life! Does it like a luxury to them? Does water became only the supplement of riches?

Though it’s been a policy of the ruling government to own a license permit but which policy says that a particular amount of water is to be wasted maintaining the ground? The amount of water wasted in maintaining the ground is 42857/day according to average ground measurements. If it’s been half of it also, the ground would be appropriate. On the opposite, the half of the wasteful water would render a life to an affected human.

As a cause, government and Board of Cricket Council of India (BCCI) should regulate its policies in regard of their state so that their people don’t get affected.